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Hi, I’m Melanie! I am a student who loves travel, fitness, and nutrition. I started to really care about healthy eating after I studied abroad in Sevilla  – my host mom loved to cook (lucky me!) and always made fresh, healthy Spanish meals for us – some of my favorites were sopa de lentejas (lentil soup) and garbanzos con espinacas (chickpeas with spinach). She used a lot of fresh vegetables, legumes, olives and olive oil. There were hardly any packaged, processed, fast foods like those that dominate the American diet. After eating such a wholesome diet for a month, I felt amazing and decided I would continue to pursue healthy eating after I returned to the US.

Two summers ago I studied in China, where I discovered even more delicious foods and also developed a love for drinking and collecting tea. I love grocery shopping at Whole Foods and farmers markets, discovering new restaurants that feature seasonal/organic/local ingredients, and creating nutritious recipes. I took a nutrition class in college and learned so much useful information that everyone should know to improve the way they feel and mitigate the explosion of unhealthy eating trends in the US.

Some facts about me:

  • My favorite meal of the day is breakfast
  • I hate cheese even though I’m from Wisconsin
  • I drink an average of 3 pots of tea a day (green/oolong in the morning, pu-erh in the afternoon, white/herbal at night)
  • I speak Spanish, Chinese and some Arabic and French
  • I was born on a Leap Day…so I’ve only had 5 real birthdays :(
  • I am vegetarian most days but love fish – especially salmon and scallops (so I’m pescatarian?)

Hope you enjoy my blog!


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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Omg Melanie I love your blog!! 1) I didn’t know you were from Wisconsin! (haha Erik is from Appleton and is a cheese fiend) 2) you are so well-traveled!! 3) I’m also pescatarian. And super excited to watch your blog grow :)

    • Thanks Erika! :) Ooh cool I have family in Appleton, I didn’t know he’s a fellow Wisconsinite! I just checked out your blog too- WOW it is amazing! I love the photography and you have such great and yummy ideas, so inspirational! I’m still trying to learn all the tricks with WordPress and whatnot 😛 Hopefully one day I’ll reach your level of blogging talent!

  2. Melanie, I tried your garbanzos con espinacas and it was excellent! Also the power bars are a great and healthy snack. Keep adding to your blog!!!

  3. Hi Mel,
    Love your bolg! We tried the garbanzo receipe and loved it! It has been added to the “regular cycle” of meals. Hope all is well with you and am looking forward to trying out the lentil soup.
    I see someone from Appleton posted a message; small world!
    Love ya!

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